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Trump, America and the Cowboys

At the time of this writing, Donald Trump has now secured the Republican ticket on the upcoming US presidential campaign. I can hardly believe it, David Brooks of The News Hour on PBS, and other news outlets said about one summer ago that it would only be a short while before the joke that is Donald Trump fell out of the running. Now, as the United States with all its history is coming like a rolling and wrecking Titanic in collision with Donald Trump. It would seem that that which only a year earlier was unbelievable and implausible is now reality. An Indian American (not an American Indian) doctor, Gautam Rohthagi told me once that Americans deserve the elected officials they get. I think perhaps America will deserve Trump. 


As I reflect on the idea of such an obviously different candidate being in the presidential office, I can’t help but wonder how it happened. Is is good or bad, one might ask. On the one hand a vote from Trump is to say to hell with all the establishment, and that any “normal” candidate is not worth voting for. Trump is very American in that he does not believe in tradition, seems to lack basic social skills, is brutal, cut-throat, and only cares about money. All very American, and very Trumpian traits. 


The issue with a maverick such as Trump is that we most likely don’t know the real him much like we have not known the real nature of many or all politicians in the past few generations. Once this balancer of budgets, and hard-playing international policy mogul is in the highest elected office, will he do everything he can, just as all other politicians to line his pockets even more with under the table, and hidden deals? That is what we must ask ourselves. 


For the spirit seekers this is what we must constantly ask ourselves : “What is the truth?” In the case of Trump he seems, other that being insane and completely uncouth, to have great ideas that other politicians have been unwilling to voice since Theodore Roosevelt. The problem with Trump in the White House, is the same problem with the thoughts in our heads, we must be careful to determine who is really in there, and what is he or its inherent nature deep, deep down? 

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