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The Social and Anti-social Spiritual Entrepreneur.


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Trump It All

As the 2016 US presidential election continues it looks as if Donald Trump is doing much better than anyone had expected. It seems hard to believe for many. However, many Americans are wanting some kind of change, any kind of change. Trump does have some very old American values as demonstrated by the founding fathers, frontiersmen such as Daniel Boone, and the classic Western Cowboy as represented by John Wayne and others. Trump does not back down, is not afraid of a fight, and stands up for what be believes in. Whether or not he would be a good president or commander in chief would have to be determined.


For now, it seems America is continuing on, along the karmic path. Many are fed up, and new and bold things are happening. Like the raw and rough frontiersmen of old, we want and America for Americans, as prior to world war II the united states was fairly isolated and somewhat of a global backwater. The late twentieth century brought the united states into the forefront, but now it seems maybe we are going in Christmas Humpheries words “full circle.”

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