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The meaning of life and the Universe

Professor Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, UK.

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Discovery Channel has a special featuring Steven Hawking dealing with the nature of the universe and the question of if God exists. This is one of the most important questions people have asked throughout the ages. I think overall Discovery along with Hawking did a very stand up job of addressing important issues. Hawking has written a book, much to my shame I was previously unaware of in which he denies God in some ways, but also does open the door of the possibility of the existence of God. he calls much of the belief in God a fairy tale, which in fact I have though of most religion as fairly tales and Middle Eastern myth. It seems that most educated or self-labeled progressives deny God. For me, and I believe Hawking it is all just a matter of perspective.

I myself have just started a new book about the meaning of life and was very happy to see Hawking had done the same. I hope to publish it later this year, or perhaps next. (2012). Through my Amazon Create Space stores.

I think it’s an important and amazingly brave and bold thing both for Hawking and Discovery to not bow to the gods (pun intended) of the mediocrity that plagues television today. So much absolute rubbish is on History Channel, CNN, and the like trying to claim to be educational or progressive when in fact it is little more than the old tyme medicine shows of centuries past.

 Bravo Discovery Channel. and Bravo to you my hero Steven Hawking.

Any thoughts anyone?

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