Buddhism: Purely Asian, or Simply Pure

10 Jul

I was thinking today. would Buddhism be Buddhism outside of Asia. Would it have developed as it did outside of it’s native land. Buddhism is very modern, but also steeped in the ancient traditions of Hinduism and Asian culture in general. Buddhism would seem like some post-modern psycotherapy if it were not an ancient technique to find the real truth. It has been adapted and adopted by the likes of Albert Einstein, hippies, scientists, and other forward thinkers. Those who think of themselves as modern, rational, educated, and intelligent accept Buddhism in ways that they would not accept other world religions.

For me, it’s impossible to say if Buddhism would have existed without ancient India. It seems like a very American religion, but at the same time America is not a Buddhist country. Buddhism is democratic, it respects the individual, and while it is not a city on a hill, it does encourage the practitioner in a manner of speaking to be a person on a hill. An idealized, perfect person who has found all the secrets of life and is set not to be reborn.



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One response to “Buddhism: Purely Asian, or Simply Pure

  1. Tatum Bulmer

    January 10, 2013 at 6:44 am

    i always believe that buddhism is sort of the religion of peace compared to other religions. buddhism speaks of peace all the time.,

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