The Brave New World

Biologically generated meat without animals is the newest technology embraced by Bill Gates and Richard Branson.   We all (or at least most people agree) we need to make drastic changes in our lifestyles in order to “save the planet”. I think in most scientists’ minds it is obvious that we are not going to leave the planet unscathed from human activities. What damage can be mitigated is the real question. 

In the case of meat, I noticed as the price of it went up after the Bush Administration raised gasoline prices in the United States, slowly the cost of meat went up. Recently meat prices have leveled off or gone down. This was a result of leveling off of other prices, and also I’m sure producers changed their business models to keep their products affordable. 

Globe Trekker has also recently got on the “meat is destroying the planet” topic with “The Story of Beef”.

Seems that producing pastured raised, grass fed beef which is eaten in moderation is according to one interviewee the solution to the used of grain for meat production, grass helps clean the atmosphere, and the meat is its self much healthier as well. Rather that allocate large tracks of land to grain production and use all the fertilizers, tractor fuel, pesticides, etc to grow that which in turn will be eaten by beef animals, this solution is less resource dependent, and produces meat which has more nutrients and is less damaging to the environment as a whole.  

We are faced with many challenges. The topic of food has, and necessarily so become political. The Globe Trekker piece did have a segment on India where obviously the cows were saved from imminent death. We are always faced with choices. Now it seems the conscious are aware that even simple choices such as food have repercussions which they never could have imagined. 

We know meat has serious health and environmental repercussions. Some have indeed gone vegetarian or vegan, but some can not because it does not give them the nutrients they need. There is a push now for better beef, much as there was a push for better beer in the 1990s which resulted in the current micro-brew explosion in the United States. As beef producers reacted to the oil crisis of the 2000s, now the consumer reacts by not wishing to eat junk beef which is mass produced. 

The moral of the story is that we face important choices. Human beings are prone to constantly change and adapt which shows our amazing intelligence as a species. What is not clear is that wisdom does not always equal intelligence. 

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What’s Old is New (again)

The 2018 revised edition of my hand- loading Book is now life on Amazon. I still am not sure of the correct way to spell that word; handloading, hand-loading, or hand loading. It surprises me to review the first edition of 2011 to see how many and how easy it is to make myriad typographical errors. Not only this, it is amazing how things change in a short period of time, and yet stay the same. While prices of ammunition and components have flattened, or gone down, there are market pressures still. Alarmingly, moose populations in North America seem to be on the road to extinction by 2050 according to Moose: Life of a Twig Eater. While certain species seem to be better off, the earth as a whole seems to be in dire straights. Huge algae blooms in the oceans, islands of floating plastic in the Pacific, melting ice caps, and extinction of certain species seem to be in the future.

I continue to do many guest blogs, and was lucky enough to be commissioned for a book on restoration of old architecture in December. While we as people can continue to improve ourselves and progress slowly on our paths, the dust of old days gone by still seem to cling to us on our spiritual journeys.

The truth is out there, and it is our own truth that we can find. While there are many externalizes which effect us, at some point we must be accountable for our own spiritual progress. There are many shocking and sad things such as moose dying of brain worms, unfortunately many of us go blissfully unaware of these things. For a few people though they can see the dukkha of the world an carry on. Sometimes we chose to do something about it, sometimes we must realize we are powerless on the oceans of time.



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Start a New Year

It seems extremely predictable to write a new year post for the New Year. Sometimes a new year does mean time of change though. This past year I’ve starting getting regular writing gigs, and finished a fairly large book; American Architectural Restoration: What Stories are Told by the Buildings Around us?  In addition to this I’ve begun finishing some works I started before, one as far back as 2010, and am doing a new edition of my Reloading and Ammunition Optimisation for the Practical Rifle Shooter. I will make some edits on some of the technical information and update the shooting and hunting sports as a whole to make it relevant to what is going on with society today. Society and human culture of course is my main focus in all my life’s work. Hunting and shooting have changed dramatically in these past seven years and the trends are worth knowing about. 

The situation with hunting shows significant changes in the globe as a whole. While people are spending increasing amounts of money on their hunting, hunters are getting much older, and the land on which they hunt is increasingly smaller and privately owned. As the suburbs and farms take over, hunters are forced to pay to hunt more, and natural populations of game animals are squeezed tighter. 

Jim Posewitz

This shows that fewer young people are going to know what hunting is like, and it will be a rich man’s game. The casual rural hunter taking game for the night’s pot is becoming less common. While certainly in rural areas the annual hunts are a generation’s old tradition, as a whole, North American society is becoming more urban and hunting is not something done out of necessity, but purely recreation. 

What does this mean for a spiritual practitioner? Awareness is one of the most important components for us. As I look out into my own personal experience in shooting and hunting the past seven years, without extensive field research and interviews, my personal perception would be very limited. I have certain information from what is immediately around me, but as a true spirit seeker I must know that this experience is extremely limited in nature. Any book is a personal progress of the writer. The best books of course are significant representations of the writer, as the greats such as Twain or Hemingway would tell us. 

As the nature of hunting is bound to change, my perception as a professional writer and spirit seeker must naturally follow this change. In a world of frauds, “fake news”, lies, and “show business”, we should be willing to change as the times do. In this New Year, I like all of you out there am bound to make mistakes. The ability to continue looking for the truth is what makes the difference in the true believer, and those who stand on the sidelines of life.  





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Everything Comes Around

One of the best Buddhist, and generally life inspiring books is Christmas Humpherys Coming Full Circle. It is a autobiographical book about his journeys to Asia and his spiritual travel with Buddhism. 

We have seem quite a bit of coming about lately, and it is the nature of life to do so. While we make, or should make spiritual progress,  in the end we realize in accordance particularly with Zen as Humpherys emphasizes in the Book, our progress is in nature re-finding our true selves which we were already. 

I have re-found my own self the past few months, re-publishing A Collection of Tales in digital format yesterday.  A search will result in both the digital and hard copies now.
I doing so I prepare for the next books which will come in their own time as my spiritual and professional progress comes full circle.


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All Things New and Old

It’s been some time since I’ve written here. Time flies. Between my teaching, preaching, and writing I have not had much time to write here. I am offering editing services now for those who might be interested. My writing style as you may or may not have noticed is somewhat Hemingway or Falkner influenced even though those two had very different writing styles. Wayne Dyer remains my main role-model.


I can edit any writing the public may have. Around $25-$75 per hour. This includes coaching in grammar so you will not continue to make mistakes, and advice in style, presentation, etc.

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I am an official affiliate with Louise Hay now. Louise contintues to be one of the best in the self-help, spirituality field.

Louise is not only one of the best and earliest in legitimate affiliate marketing, but was instrumental in Wayne Dyer’s career. Wayne is debate-ably one of the best self-help gurus ever. He was approachable in a way lacking in in many of the Asian sages, a legitimacy lacking from many Western spiritual leaders, and a solid foundation in modern medical/academic work. is my unique affiliate link to Dr. Wayne’s online page. Please take the online courses there. You’ll be glad you did.

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Trump, America and the Cowboys

At the time of this writing, Donald Trump has now secured the Republican ticket on the upcoming US presidential campaign. I can hardly believe it, David Brooks of The News Hour on PBS, and other news outlets said about one summer ago that it would only be a short while before the joke that is Donald Trump fell out of the running. Now, as the United States with all its history is coming like a rolling and wrecking Titanic in collision with Donald Trump. It would seem that that which only a year earlier was unbelievable and implausible is now reality. An Indian American (not an American Indian) doctor, Gautam Rohthagi told me once that Americans deserve the elected officials they get. I think perhaps America will deserve Trump. 


As I reflect on the idea of such an obviously different candidate being in the presidential office, I can’t help but wonder how it happened. Is is good or bad, one might ask. On the one hand a vote from Trump is to say to hell with all the establishment, and that any “normal” candidate is not worth voting for. Trump is very American in that he does not believe in tradition, seems to lack basic social skills, is brutal, cut-throat, and only cares about money. All very American, and very Trumpian traits. 


The issue with a maverick such as Trump is that we most likely don’t know the real him much like we have not known the real nature of many or all politicians in the past few generations. Once this balancer of budgets, and hard-playing international policy mogul is in the highest elected office, will he do everything he can, just as all other politicians to line his pockets even more with under the table, and hidden deals? That is what we must ask ourselves. 


For the spirit seekers this is what we must constantly ask ourselves : “What is the truth?” In the case of Trump he seems, other that being insane and completely uncouth, to have great ideas that other politicians have been unwilling to voice since Theodore Roosevelt. The problem with Trump in the White House, is the same problem with the thoughts in our heads, we must be careful to determine who is really in there, and what is he or its inherent nature deep, deep down? 

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